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We measure the anisotropic midinfrared response of electrons and phonons in bulk YBa(2)Cu(3)O(7-δ) after femtosecond photoexcitation. A line shape analysis of specific lattice modes reveals their transient occupation and coupling to the superconducting condensate. The apex oxygen vibration is strongly excited within 150 fs, demonstrating that the lattice(More)
Perfect metamaterial absorber (PMA) can intercept electromagnetic wave harmful for body in Wi-Fi, cell phones and home appliances that we are daily using and provide stealth function that military fighter, tank and warship can avoid radar detection. We reported new concept of water droplet-based PMA absorbing perfectly electromagnetic wave with water, an(More)
Muon spin rotation experiments were performed on the pnictide high temperature superconductor SmFeAsO1-xFx with x=0.18 and 0.3. We observed an unusual enhancement of slow spin fluctuations in the vicinity of the superconducting transition which suggests that the spin fluctuations contribute to the formation of an unconventional superconducting state. An(More)
We investigate the influence of an external magnetic field on spin phase relaxation of single electrons in semiconductor quantum dots induced by the hyperfine interaction. The basic decay mechanism is attributed to the dispersion of local effective nuclear fields over the ensemble of quantum dots. The characteristics of electron spin dephasing is analyzed(More)
An efficient resolution for ultrathin metamaterial perfect absorber (MPA) is proposed and demonstrated in the VHF radio band (30-300 MHz). By adjusting the lumped capacitors and the through vertical interconnects, the absorber is miniaturized to be only λ/816 and λ/84 for its thickness and periodicity with respect to the operating wavelength (at 102 MHz),(More)
We realized the tunable metamaterial hyper-transmitter in the microwave range utilizing simple planar meta-structure. The single-layer metamaterial hyper-transmitter shows that the transmission peak occurs at 14 GHz. In case of the dual-layer one, it is possible to control the transmission peak from 5 to 10 GHz. Moreover, all the transmission peaks reveal(More)
Ultrafast light pulses can modify electronic properties of quantum materials by perturbing the underlying, intertwined degrees of freedom. In particular, iron-based superconductors exhibit a strong coupling among electronic nematic fluctuations, spins and the lattice, serving as a playground for ultrafast manipulation. Here we use time-resolved X-ray(More)
Previously, we identified three loci affecting HDL-cholesterol levels in a screen for ENU-induced mutations in mice and discovered two mutated genes. We sought to identify the third mutated gene and further characterize the mouse phenotype. We engaged, DNA sequencing, gene expression profiling, western blotting, lipoprotein characterization, metabolomics(More)
We probe the mid-infrared conductivity of YBa<inf>2</inf>Cu<inf>3</inf>O<inf>7-&#x03B4;</inf> parallel and perpendicular to the CuO<inf>2</inf> planes after 12-fs optical excitation. Quasiparticle excitations and specific lattice modes are traced simultaneously during the photoinduced non-thermal transition to the normal state. The condensate is completely(More)
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