Ki Won Kim

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OBJECTIVE We aimed to investigate the prevalence and psychosocial and neurophysiological correlates of depression in a large county-based cohort of Korean adults. METHODS We recruited 2355 adults from a rural county-based health promotion program. The following psychometric scales were used: the Center for Epidemiologic Studies Depression scale (CES-D)(More)
Perfect metamaterial absorber (PMA) can intercept electromagnetic wave harmful for body in Wi-Fi, cell phones and home appliances that we are daily using and provide stealth function that military fighter, tank and warship can avoid radar detection. We reported new concept of water droplet-based PMA absorbing perfectly electromagnetic wave with water, an(More)
We realized the tunable metamaterial hyper-transmitter in the microwave range utilizing simple planar meta-structure. The single-layer metamaterial hyper-transmitter shows that the transmission peak occurs at 14 GHz. In case of the dual-layer one, it is possible to control the transmission peak from 5 to 10 GHz. Moreover, all the transmission peaks reveal(More)
BACKGROUND Current therapies for advanced renal cell carcinoma (RCC) have low cure rates or significant side effects. It has been reported that complexes composed of interleukin (IL)-2 and stimulating anti-IL-2 antibody (IL-2C) suppress malignant melanoma growth. We investigated whether it could have similar effects on RCC. METHODS A syngeneic RCC model(More)
Previously, we identified three loci affecting HDL-cholesterol levels in a screen for ENU-induced mutations in mice and discovered two mutated genes. We sought to identify the third mutated gene and further characterize the mouse phenotype. We engaged, DNA sequencing, gene expression profiling, western blotting, lipoprotein characterization, metabolomics(More)
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