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Recycling Process for Sinter-Active U3O8 Powders
The effect of the oxidation temperature of UO2 pellets on the powder properties of oxidized U3O8 powders has been investigated. The powder morphology, crystalline size, and BET surface area ofExpand
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A mechanism for the sintered density decrease of UO
Abstract A mixture of UO2 and Gd2O3 powders was pressed into compacts and sintered under various atmospheres ranging from reducing to oxidizing gases. The sintered density of UO2–10 wt% Gd2O3 pelletsExpand
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Effects of Nb ₂ O 5 and Oxygen Potential on Sintering Behavior of UO₂ Fuel Pellets
The effects of N and oxygen potential on the densification and grain growth of U fuel have been investigated.0.3 wt% N -doped U fuel pellets were sintered at 1 for 4 hours in sintering atmospheresExpand
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Reduction of the open porosity of UO2 pellets through pore structure control
Abstract A powder mixture was prepared by mixing uranium-dioxide (UO 2 ) powder ex-AUC with its milled powder and was pressed into compacts. The UO 2 pellets were sintered under hydrogen. The compactExpand
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Measurement of Melting Temperatures of UO 2 , (U, Gd)O 2 and (U,Er)O 2 Fuels
The melting temperatures of fuels were measured. Fuel materials were loaded in a tungsten capsule of which shape met the black body condition. The melting temperature was measured by the thermalExpand
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Formation of columnar and equiaxed grains by the reduction of U3O8 pellets to UO2+x
Abstract The reduction of U 3 O 8 pellets to UO 2+ x has been investigated at 1300 °C in H 2 , Ar and CO 2 gas atmospheres by TGA, SEM, and X-ray diffraction. The selected U 3 O 8 pellet was preparedExpand
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Grain size control of UO2 pellets by adding heat-treated U3O8 particles to UO2 powder
Abstract A method of controlling the grain size of UO 2 pellets was investigated by adding heat-treated U 3 O 8 particles to UO 2 powder. The recycled U 3 O 8 powder, which was made by oxidizingExpand
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Fabrication and Thermal Conductivity of (Th,U)O2 Pellets
Abstract Techniques to fabricate thorium-uranium dioxide fuel [(Th,U)O2] have been developed, and the thermal conductivity of (Th,U)O2 pellets has been measured. Mixtures of thorium dioxide (ThO2)Expand
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Synthesis and properties of sodium vinylbenzene sulfonate-grafted poly(vinylidene fluoride) cation exchange membranes for membrane capacitive deionization process
In this study, a poly(vinylidene fluoride)-graft-sodium 4-vinylbenzene sulfonate copolymer (PVDF-g-PSVBS) was prepared by grafting sodium 4-vinylbenzene sulfonate (SVBS) onto dehydrofluorinatedExpand
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Improvement of UO2 Pellet Properties by Controlling the Powder Morphology of Recycled U3O8 Powder
Powder morphology evolution of recycled U3O8 according to the thermal treatments has been studied. The defective UO2 pellets are oxidized to U3O8 powders at a conventional temperature of 350 or 450°CExpand
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