Ki-Whan Song

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We propose a new technique to enhance the characteristics of CMOS/SET hybrid multi-valued logic (MVL) circuits in terms of their stability and performance. A complementary self-biasing method enables the SET/CMOS logic to operate perfectly well at high temperature in which the peak-to-valley current ratio of Coulomb oscillation severely decreases. The(More)
In recent years, the demand for NAND flash-based storage devices has rapidly increased because of the popularization of various portable devices. NAND flash memory (NFM) offers many advantages, such as non-volatility, high performance, the small form factor, and low-power consumption, while achieving high chip integration with a specialized architecture for(More)
A SPICE (simulation program with integrated circuit emphasis) model for a single-electron transistor (SET) was developed based on the physical phenomena in realistic Si SETs and was implemented into a conventional circuit simulator. In the proposed model, the SET current calculated using an analytic model is combined with the parasitic MOSFET (metal-oxide(More)
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