Ki-Seung Lee

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  • Ki-Seung Lee
  • IEEE Transactions on Audio, Speech, and Language…
  • 2006
The automatic labeling of a large speech corpus plays an important role in the development of a high-quality Text-To-Speech (TTS) synthesis system. This paper describes a method for the automatic labeling of speech signals, which mainly involves the construction of a large database for a TTS synthesis system. The main objective of the work involves the(More)
In text-to-speech synthesis, spectral smoothing is often employed to reduce artifacts at unit-joining points. A context-adaptive smoothing method is proposed in this letter, where the amount of smoothing is determined according to context information. Discontinuities at unit boundaries are predicted by a regression tree, and smoothing factors are computed(More)
This letter addresses a temporal decomposition (TD) technique that is based on a rate-distortion criterion. In the proposed TD scheme, a set of interpolation functions is constructed from a given training corpus, and the optimum target points are found in the sense of minimizing, not only spectral distortion, but also bit rates. The results of the(More)
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