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To educate graduates to succeed in industries which demand high quality software engineers is not easy due to rapidly changing organization styles and working environments. The major limitation of university education may be the lack of opportunity to expose students to real field problems. In this article, we present our experience of exposing graduate(More)
Because of heavy media multitasking and the possibility of youngsters with current smart and handheld mobile computing devices, many controversies exist on the effects of media multitasking on an individual's learning and behavior. To analyze the effects of media multitasking on youngsters, we have applied eye tracking technology to see their switching(More)
The possibility of media multitasking with mobile devices greatly increased due to the wide spared of smart devices such as smart phones and tablet PCs such as iPad. There are controversies of the effect of multitasking to users' work achievement, and in this paper we first surveyed the pre-service teachers' behaviors of multitasking with information(More)
Providing timely feedback is crucial for a successful personalized e-learning system. A personalized learning system with e-learning contents combined with an eye movement tracking device has been developed with an open source-based gaze tracking system. The effects of feedback delivered to learners depend upon learners' attention while gazing at the(More)
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