Ki-Kyung Jeon

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This paper proposes a series feedback predistorter using junction resistance of schottky diode to compensate for AM/AM and AM/PM in the nonlinear characteristics of amplifier. This consists of common- emitter amplifier and schottky diode that is connected between emitter and ground. The common-emitter amplifier with varying resistance of schottky diode(More)
In this paper, a new predistortion linearizer with controlling individual order intermodulation distortion (IMD) signals is proposed. This linearizer is achieved independent control of third- and fifth-order intermodulation products using amplitude modulation with even harmonic signals. A vector modulator, modulate fundamental signal with even harmonic(More)
This paper proposes a predistortion linearizer using the in-phase modulator. The harmonic generator of the proposed predistorter extracts a second harmonic signal. These signals are divided in-phase and quadrature- phase signals, and then amplifying each signals using variable gain amplifier. An in-phase modulator, modulate fundamental signal with second(More)
This paper proposes a polar function linearizer to reduce the spectral regrowth of radio frequency power amplifier using even order harmonic signals. An AM modulator, modulate fundamental signal with even order harmonic signals, makes inverse transfer function of power amplifier and controls amplitude and phase of them with polar function factors. As a(More)
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