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The NOD article makes a difference to VOD data in terms of media type, size, creation interval and user interactivity. Because of these intrinsic characteristics, user access patterns of the NOD article can be different from that of VOD data. In this paper, we analyze the log file of one electronic newspaper to show the short-term popularity and long-term(More)
In embedded systems, NAND flash memory is typically used as a storage medium because of its non-volatility, fast access time and solid-state shock resistance. However, it suffers from out-place-update, limited erase cycles and page based read/write operations. Flash file systems such as JFFS2 and YAFFS, allocate memory spaces using LFS (Log-structured File(More)
In this paper, we propose a PPC (Populari@-based Partial Caching) scheme for continuous media objects on the proxy servers. In this scheme, either the initial portion or the entire blocks of objects are cached and the size of the initial portion of each stream varies with the popularity of that stream. Under the proposed scheme, the initial latency(More)
Proposes an efficient video block placement scheme of MZR (multi-zone recording) disks and evaluates its performance through a simulation model of a VOD (video on demand) server. The proposed placement scheme considers both the current disk products that have MZR characteristic and users' skewed access patterns for some popular videos. Popular video blocks(More)
The Internet has enabled the dissemination and access of vast amounts of information to be easy. But dramatic increases of the number of users of Internet cause server overload, network congestion and client perceived latency. In addition, currently the number of continuous media data such as audio and video is growing rapidly on the Internet. In this(More)
According to the current profound development of multimedia and networking technologies, the way people communicate with, naturally, has evolved from a text-oriented into a multimedia-oriented. But, the VOD system technologies can't be easily applied to MNOD system because of the difference of the basic data and its properties. This is the reason why we(More)