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For high-power grid-connected voltage source converters (VSC), weight reduction of the <italic>LCL</italic> filter is one of the main concerns, where a <italic>LCL</italic> filter can weigh hundreds of kilograms. It is a multidomain optimization issue to find the minimum weight of a <italic>LCL</italic> filter considering pulse-width modulation (PWM)(More)
Resonant converters are very attractive in practice because they have high efficiency, small size, light weight, fast dynamic response, low component stresses and low noise. One of the relatively new resonant DC-DC converters is a Series-Parallel Resonant Converter (SPRC) also called an LCC converter. Under constant frequency, the filter designs are(More)
This paper presents an adaptive fuzzy-proportional integral derivative (PID) controller for DC–DC boost converters used as voltage regulators in PV systems. This proposed controller maximizes the stable operating range by tuning the PID parameters ultimately at various loading conditions. Then, a fuzzy logic approach is used to add a factor of intelligence(More)
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