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This paper describes fabrication and comparison of PMN-PT single crystal, PZT, and PZT-based 1-3 composite ultrasonic transducers for NDE applications. As a front matching layer between test material (Austenite stainless steel, SUS316) and piezoelectric materials, alumina ceramics was selected. The appropriate acoustic impedance of the backing materials for(More)
Both structural refinement using X-ray powder diffraction data and energy calculation using quantum mechanics were used to determine the site preference and the amount of Gd in the host lattice of Gd doped Fe3O4 [Gd(x)Fe(3-x)O4 (x = 0.1)] nanopowder prepared by the sonochemical method. Among possible cation-disorder models, the model proposed by structural(More)
Most old buildings in Korea are wood framed and, with age, deterioration is found in all wood components of antique buildings. Insects and rapid changes in humidity are among the main causes of deterioration. To preserve antique wooden buildings, nondestructive testing (NDT) methods are required. Various methods of nondestructive evaluation (NDE) such as(More)
Tip diffraction method is well known as a very exact sizing technique. Many researches for the technique have been done and several instruments have been developed. But almost all of the techniques require special instruments for it and so it is not easy to apply the techniques in field test where common ultrasonic flaw detector is used. It is true that(More)
The model-based interpretation tools for eddy current testing (ECT) signals have been developed by the novel combination of neural networks and finite element modeling for quantitative flaw characterization in steam generator tubes. The performance of inversion system strongly relies on the databases that had been used in the implementation of the specific(More)
Structural refinement using X-ray powder diffraction data and geometry energy calculations using quantum mechanics were used to investigate the preferential substitution sites and the amount of Eu2+ ions in the host lattice of alkaline earth elements co-doped M2Si5N8:Eu2+ (M = Ca, Sr, and Ba), which is a red color-emitting nitride phosphor prepared via a(More)
The effect of neutron irradiation on the electrical and piezoelectric properties of a PMN-PT [(Pb(Mg(1/3)Nb(2/3))O3-PbTiO3)] single crystal such as permittivity, electrical impedance and piezoelectric constant d33 has been investigated at 1 kHz. The changes of d33 and permittivity depending on the dose of neutron irradiation for all samples of PMN-PT single(More)
Biosensors are used in a variety of fields for early diagnosis of diseases, measurement of toxic contaminants, quick detection of pathogens, and separation of specific proteins or DNA. In this study, we fabricated and evaluated the capability of a high sensitivity Love wave surface acoustic wave (SAW) biosensor. The experimental setup was composed of the(More)
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