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The GEM Benchmark: Natural Language Generation, its Evaluation and Metrics
GEM, a living benchmark for natural language Generation (NLG), its Evaluation, and Metrics, is introduced and the description of the data for the 2021 shared task at the associated GEM Workshop is described. Expand
Emoji Usage Across Platforms: A Case Study for the Charlottesville Event
Emoji usage patterns across two social media platforms are studied, finding that Gab tends to comparatively use more emotionally charged emoji, but also seems more apathetic towards the violence during the event, while Twitter takes a more empathetic approach to the event. Expand
Community Connect: A Mock Social Media Platform to Study Online Behavior
The key distinguishing factor of Community Connect is the ability to control the visibility of user posts based on the groups they belong to, allowing careful and controlled investigation into how information propagates through a social network. Expand
TeamUNCC@LT-EDI-EACL2021: Hope Speech Detection using Transfer Learning with Transformers
In this paper, we describe our approach towards utilizing pre-trained models for the task of hope speech detection. We participated in Task 2: Hope Speech Detection for Equality, Diversity andExpand
Studying The Effect of Emotional and Moral Language on Information Contagion during the Charlottesville Event
We highlight the contribution of emotional and moral language towards information contagion online. We find that retweet count on Twitter is significantly predicted by the use of negative emotionsExpand
On the Need for Thoughtful Data Collection for Multi-Party Dialogue: A Survey of Available Corpora and Collection Methods
We present a comprehensive survey of available corpora for multi-party dialogue. We survey over 300 publications related to multi-party dialogue and catalogue all available corpora in a novelExpand