Khushhali Menaria Pandey

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Melanogenesis is a complex multistep process of high molecular weight melanins production by hydroxylation and polymerization of polyphenols. Melanins have a wide range of applications other than being a sun - protection pigment. Melanogenesis pathway exists from prokaryotes to eukaryotes. It has evolved over years owing to the fact that the melanin pigment(More)
Vitiligo is an idiopathic disorder characterized by depigmented patches on the skin due to progressive loss of melanocytes. Several genetic, immunological, and pathophysiological investigations have established vitiligo as a polygenetic disorder with multifactorial etiology. However, no definite model explaining the interplay between these causative factors(More)
These are exciting times for bioinformaticians, computational biologists and drug designers with the genome and proteome sequences and related structural databases growing at an accelerated pace. The post-genomic era has triggered high expectations for a rapid and successful treatment of diseases. However, in this biological information rich and functional(More)
This article examines the need for urban and regional planning practices to be further developed in the light of both the emergence of information/knowledge/network society and in particular the impact of information and communication technology, (ICT), on spatial change. The ways in which urban and regional planning practices may best be altered in this(More)
Network-based approaches to human disease have diverse biological and clinical applications. A more appropriate interpretation of biological interconnectivity with disease progression could possibly lead to identification of disease pathways and disease genes. This, in turn, helps in accurate prediction of biomarkers and targets for drug development. This(More)
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