Khushbu Patel

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Probability matching is a classic theory of decision making that was first developed in models of cognition. Posterior probability matching, a variant in which observers match their response probabilities to the posterior probability of each response being correct, is being used increasingly often in models of perception. However, little is known about(More)
— Memetic Algorithm has been proven to be successful to find the nearest optimum solution to hard combinatorial optimization problems. In this paper, Memetic algorithm is designed for One-dimension Multi-Objective Bin Packing Problem. Memetic Algorithm is a combination of power of Genetic algorithm with the powerful local search technique to focus on the(More)
Periodontitis is an inflammatory disease of the supporting tissues of the teeth caused by groups of specific microorganisms. The concept that localized problem sites may be treated by local drug delivery appears attractive as the antimicrobial agent is delivered within periodontal pockets and the therapy is targeted on specific pathogenic microorganisms.(More)
Despite the development of modern imaging techniques, no study has been carried out to establish the normal size (particularly the area) of the adult posterior choanae. In this study we present our findings of the normal anatomical sizes of the adult posterior choanae and its relationship to septal deviation, by analysing MRI images of 70 patients. Coronal(More)
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