Khushbu B. Shah

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The progressive formation of plugs resulting from successive tamps in a dosing disk-type automatic capsule-filling machine was investigated for three fillers: anhydrous lactose, dicalcium phosphate, and microcrystalline cellulose. An evaluation of seven compaction parameters revealed that all tamping stations and all piston positions within a station, with(More)
A previous method was modified to obtain [99mTc(TBI)6]+ by reacting Zn(TBI)2Br2 directly with 99mTcO4- in the presence of Sn2+ ions. [Cu(TBI)4]Cl was next used as a source of TBI. On reaction with 99mTcO4- and Sn2+ ions for 3 min at 100 degrees C, [99mTc(TBI)6]+ product of radiochemical purity greater than 90% and yield greater than 70% was obtained. Data(More)
The effects of number of tamps and tamping force on drug dissolution from capsules filled on an instrumented dosing-disk automatic capsule filling machine (Hofliger-Karg) were studied using hydrochlorothiazide as a model, low dose, poorly soluble drug. Generally, there was a trend toward slower dissolution rate with increasing numbers of tamps, the effect(More)
A comprehensive Computer Aided Design (CAD) procedure and Finite Element (FE) analysis for a Switched Reluctance Motor is presented in this paper. Proper value of magnetic loading, electric loading, length of air gap, material and other variables play an important role in design of the Switched Reluctance Motor. This analysis incorporates better approach(More)
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