Khushboo Aggarwal

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We demonstrate the Task Completion Platform (TCP); a multi-domain dialogue platform that can host and execute large numbers of goal-orientated dialogue tasks. The platform features a task configuration language , TaskForm, that allows the definition of each individual task to be decoupled from the overarching dialogue policy used by the platform to complete(More)
The Genetic Algorithms draw a similarity from the Genetic mutation and Cross Over within populations from biology. The genetic algorithms are highly parallel in nature. These can be used to solve many important problems like Graph Partitioning, Travelling salesman problems, 0-1 Integer linear programming problem etc. When these are implemented, there exists(More)
The Genetic Algorithms are generally used to draw a similarity between the Genetic mutation and Cross Over within populations from the field of biology. Genetic algorithms are highly and significantly parallel in nature and performance. These types of algorithms can be used to solve many other important problems such as the Graph Partitioning problem that(More)
In this paper, we present an intelligent solution system for travelling salesman problem. The solution has three stages. The first stage uses Clustering Analysis in Data Mining to classify all customers by a number of attributes, such as distance, demand level, the density of customer, and city layout. The second stage introduces how to generate feasible(More)
Artificial neural networks are contemplated as the future of computing technology. It tenders solutions for numerous complex problems such as robotics arm control, speech recognition, signal processing, pattern recognition etc. These networks exhibit inherent parallelism i.e. that is it is their rudimentary property to perform parallel computing because the(More)
In this paper, the already recognized NP Complete problem which is Travelling Salesman Problem which is also known as TSP, is addressed and its performance is analyzed. For a large and complex data set, a particular neural network is needed to focus on a particular component of the problem, after which combining of all the networks together is required. The(More)
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