Khurram Mazher

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This paper describes the use of a simple technique of hysterography to evaluate the side effects and mode of action of IUD. The technic utilizes 2 x-ray films per patient of the lower abdomen: a flat film to determine the presence or absence of the device, and a hysterogram; diluted water-soluble contrast medium was used, allowing visualization of the(More)
Traditional approach towards precise point positioning in a single frequency Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS) receiver is to combine the precise but ambiguous carrier phase measurements with noisy but unambiguous code delay measurements to get a better estimate of the pseudorange dynamics. However, ionosphere divergence error and cycle slips limit(More)
In Global navigation Satellite System (GNSS) based positioning, the use of carrier phase measurements is widening day by day due to their preciseness as compared to code delay measurements. Although, carrier phase measurements are precise but they suffer from anomalies such as cycle slips and receiver clock jumps in addition to other error sources such as(More)
We consider layered decode-forward (DF) cooperation in a relay-aided wireless multicast network. Splitting the source-message into two equal layers, we provide unequal power allocation to the individual layers through a simple mapping operation on a QAM constellation. The layering process thus allows the destinations to partially recover the message from(More)
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