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BACKGROUND No one can deny that the biological importance of vitamin D is much beyond its classical role in bone metabolism. Several recent publications have highlighted its potential role in the functioning of the immune system. The overall objective of this study was to look into possible correlations between levels of vitamin D and inflammatory markers(More)
UNLABELLED Risks of low vitamin D status in Kuwaiti adolescent girls are high parathyroid hormone (PTH), high waist/hip ratio, veiling and not having a private room. Low vitamin D status is likely to have a negative impact on their bone mass and accrual. INTRODUCTION Low serum 25-hydroxyvitamin D (25OHD) levels are repeatedly found in females in the(More)
The Artificial Bee Colony (ABC) is a swarm intelligence algorithm for optimization that has previously been applied to the training of neural networks. This paper examines more carefully the performance of the ABC algorithm for optimizing the connection weights of feed-forward neural networks for classification tasks, and presents a more rigorous comparison(More)
Efficient robust optimisation methods exploit the search history when evaluating a new solution by using information from previously visited solutions that fall in the new solution's uncertainty neighbourhood. We propose a full exploitation of the search history by updating the robust fitness approximations across the entire search history rather than a(More)
Vitamin D deficiency is prevalent in the Arabian Gulf region, especially among women. Recent researches show that, the vitamin D deficiency is associated with mineral status of patient. Therefore, it is important to assess the mineral status of patient to reveal the hidden mineral imbalance associated with vitamin D deficiency. A well-known test such as the(More)
BACKGROUND Although a large number of studies have investigated possible relationships among serum levels of vitamin D or cytokines with disease progress and prognosis, similar studies on self-reported symptoms are still controversial. The overall objective of this study was to look into the association between serum levels of vitamin D or cytokines with(More)