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A 40-year male lepromatous leprosy patient presented with four, slightly erythematous patches, with multiple urticaria-like wheals, distributed over the body symmetrically and with thickened right ulnar and right common peroneal nerves. He was previously diagnosed as a case of chronic idiopathic urticaria. Slit skin smear from the patches and urticarial(More)
A 36-years-old female presented with hypertrophic, depigmented plaques on both forearms and a fungating cauliflower-like growth on the left forearm. Histologically, the plaque lesions were discoid lupus erythematosus, and the fungating growth was a well-differentiated squamous cell carcinoma.
A 30 year-old farmer presented himself with mild degree fever, joint pain and multiple ulcers of 15 days' duration. Ulcers were multiple, well-defined, irregular in shape with necrotic base and elevated, sloppy margins over anus, forearms, wrists, buttocks, lower half of thighs and shins. A few of the ulcers were covered with black-coloured scab. They were(More)
Xanthomas are often a manifestation of underlying lipid abnormalities. A 50-year-old male presented to our hospital with the lesions of multiple tuberous xanthomas all over the body. Routine investigations and systemic examination were normal. Lipid profile was within normal range and serum protein electrophoresis showed normal pattern. Histopathology from(More)
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