Khosrow Hajsadeghi

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The fast growth of battery-operated portable applications has compelled the static random access memory (SRAM) designers to consider sub-threshold operation as a viable choice to reduce the power consumption. To increase the hold, read and write static noise margin (SNM) in the sub-threshold regime many structures has been proposed adding extra transistors(More)
The fast growth of battery operated devices has made low power SRAM designs a necessity in recent years. Moreover, embedded SRAM units have become an important block in modern SoCs. The SRAM performance is limited by the cell stability during different operation. By adding extra transistor to the conventional 6T-cell, hold, read and write static noise(More)
This paper presents a 20 Gb/s injection-locked clock and data recovery (CDR) circuit for burst mode applications. Utilizing a half rate injection-locked oscillator (ILO) in the proposed CDR circuit leads to higher speed operation and lower power consumption. In addition, to accommodate process, voltage, and temperature (PVT) variations and to increase the(More)
A 10 bit opamp-sharing pipeline analog-to-digital converter (ADC) using a novel mirror telescopic operational amplifiers (opamp) with dual nmos differential inputs is presented. Reduction of power and area is achieved by completely merging the front-end sample-and-hold amplifier (SHA) into the first multiplying digital-to-analog converter (MDAC) using the(More)