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Moss protonemal growth direction is controlled by at least three factors, photo-, gravi- and autotropism. It is possible to experimentally separate these factors and to control selectively their morphological appearance. In darkness protonema grow negatively gravitropically, and unilateral illumination initiated positive phototropism. Red light suppressed(More)
Moss protonemata exhibit negative gravitropism and the amyloplasts of the apical cell seem to play a key role in protonemal gravisensitivity. However, the mechanisms of this process are still poorly understood. Previously, we have shown that Ceratodon protonemata grown on agar-medium demonstrated greater gravicurvature than protonemata grown on medium with(More)
The protonema of mosses Ceratodon purpureus and Pottia intermedia is negatively gravitropic in darkness and grows on the substrate surface under illumination. However, the putative mechanisms of these growth responses are not well understood so far. For gravitropism, sedimentation of amyloplasts has been widely assumed to be the first step of the signal(More)
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