Khondker Zakir Ahmed

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This paper presents a novel idea of vehicle tracking system based on the existing GSM cellular networks. A software based system is proposed that sends specialized request to the GSM cellular networks to call any particular vehicle ID. The vehicle ID is actually a particular SIM kept in a special kit inside the vehicle that is capable of receiving a phone(More)
A single-inductor-cascaded-stage boost regulator topology is presented that time-multiplexes a single inductor using one-nFET-two-pFET power stage and a bias-gated Pulse-Frequency Modulation controller to achieve high conversion ratio. A test-chip in 130nm CMOS demonstrates 120× conversion using a single inductor while consuming 140nA bias current.
This paper presents the design and implementation of a low voltage DC-DC asynchronous boost regulator that works in PFM (Pulse Frequency Modulation) mode. The booster is designed to supply low load condition (up to 20mA) with high efficiency. The total bias current of the chip is only 5µA when operating with 1mA load and the number goes to maximum of(More)
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