Khondker Z. Ahmed

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This paper presents an on-chip thermoelectric (TE) energy management system for energy-efficient on-demand active cooling of integrated circuits. Embedding a TE module (TEM) within the package has shown potential for on-demand cooling of integrated circuits (ICs); however, the additional cooling energy limits the effectiveness of TE coolers (TEC). The(More)
An autonomously bias gated synchronous boost regulator consuming 110nA at 1V is demonstrated in 130nm CMOS. The IC generates regulated 1V output from 30mV input, starts up autonomously (battery-less) at 265mV, and regulates output ranging from 0.78V-3.3V. The peak efficiency is 83% with 10μA and 85% with 10mA load.
Distributed small-scale electronics for IoT applications are on the rise. Power delivery for such electronics requires innovative design techniques to improve energy efficiency. This paper summarizes energy delivery challenges for IoT devices and discusses several design techniques for efficient power delivery units. Such design solutions cover challenges(More)
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