Khodadad Nazari

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A biomimetic was designed for the construction of a new efficient peroxidase-like nano artificial enzyme with a heme-imidazole component complexed with gemini 12-2-12/SDS supramolecules. The presence of a simple surfactant mixture (SDS/gemini 12-2-12 at a particular concentration) provided an apoprotein-like hydrophobic pocket for the heme-imidazole moiety,(More)
A novel peroxidase-like artificial enzyme, named "caseoperoxidase", was biomimetically designed using a nano artificial amino acid apo-protein hydrophobic pocket. This four-component nano artificial enzyme containing heme-imidazole-β-casein-SDS exhibited high activity growth and k(cat) performance toward the native horseradish peroxidase demonstrated by the(More)
Complexation of iron (III) with citrate (Cit) and tartarate (Tar) anions was investigated in perturbed aqueous solutions using potentiometry, conductometry, UV/Vis. and infrared (FT-IR) spectrophotometric methods. Experiments were performed at 25 °C in 0.1M sodium chloride solutions as the electrolyte. Stepwise equilibrium formation constants and the number(More)
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