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Ellagic acid protects against diabetes‐associated behavioral deficits in rats: Possible involved mechanisms
The current work's data confirms that EA could potentially serve as a novel, promising, and accessible protective agent against diabetes‐associated behavioral deficits, owing to its anti‐hyperglycemic, anti‐inflammatory, and neurotrophic properties. Expand
Fabrication of a novel enzymatic electrochemical biosensor for determination of tyrosine in some food samples.
The biosensor was able to selective determination of tyrosine even in the presence of common interferents and showed good operational stability, antifouling properties, sensitivity, repeatability and reproducibility. Expand
Hepatoprotective potential of aqueous extract of Allium eriophyllum Boiss in high-fat diet-induced fatty liver diseases
It appears that the aqueous extract of A. eriophyllum can treat the fatty liver disease in rats. Expand
The therapeutic potential of aqueous extract of Falcaria vulgaris in the treatment of fatty liver disease: a histopathological and biochemical approach
The recent experiments have indicated the potential of ethno-medicinal plants on the control, prevention, and treatment of fatty liver disease. In this study, we assessed the potential of aqueousExpand
Exploiting second-order advantage from mathematically modeled voltammetric data for simultaneous determination of multiple antiparkinson agents in the presence of uncalibrated interference
Abstract In this work, we are going to develop an efficient electroanalytical methodology based on generation of second-order differential pulse voltammetric (DPV) data at different pulse heights toExpand
Simultaneous co-immobilization of three enzymes onto a modified glassy carbon electrode to fabricate a high-performance amperometric biosensor for determination of total cholesterol.
Results obtained in this study revealed that the biosensor was selective, sensitive, stable, repeatable and reproducible and was successfully applied to the determination of CHO levels in rats plasma. Expand
Phytochemical and toxicological evaluation of Tamarix stricta Boiss.
Phytochemical and toxicological aspects of T. stricta is a rich source of polyphenols and can be a safe medicinal plant and further pharmacological evaluations are recommended to assess the therapeutic properties of this plant. Expand
Evaluation of Nephroprotective and Antidiabetic Effects of Gundelia tournefortii Aqueous Extract on Diabetic Nephropathy in Male Mice
It appears that GTAE can be suggested for treatment of diabetes as an anti-diabetic supplement or drug and regulate the levels of biochemical parameters and inhibit kidney damages in alloxan induced diabetic mice. Expand
Green synthesis of Chloroxine-conjugated silver nanoflowers: Promising antimicrobial activity and in vivo cutaneous wound healing effects
Abstract The aim of this research is to confect Chloroxine-conjugated AgNPs (COX-AgNPs), employing an eco-friendly method. The conjugation of antibiotics and antibacterial drugs with nanoparticlesExpand
A Comparative Evaluation of Nephroprotective Property of Urtica dioica L. Aqueous Extract and Glibenclamide in Diabetic Mice
Results indicated that U. dioica aqueous extract could improve diabetic related metabolic derangement such as hyperglycemia and elevated kidney markers. Expand