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The practice of circumcision began in antiquity. Female circumcision is common in many African countries, such as Egypt and Sudan. In Egypt, the practice is legal if carried out by a doctor. The Egyptian Organization of Human Rights recently reported that up to 3600 girls were circumcised daily in the country, such that 95% of girls under age 16 years in(More)
OBJECTIVE To develop a questionnaire to assess audit activity and to use it to evaluate systematically the quality of audit in obstetrics and gynaecology within NHS hospitals in the UK. DESIGN Retrospective review of 212 consecutive questionnaires completed at hospital recognition committee visits for training accreditation, between 1 January 1993 and 31(More)
Audit is developing both in theory and practice. This article highlights topics suitable for clinical audit across the whole range of pregnancy care. Many of the examples chosen specifically relate to recent publications that have attempted to set clear guidelines and standards, which can thus be audited. The topics have also been chosen to illustrate the(More)
__________________________________________ Date In presenting this thesis as a partial fulfillment of the requirements for an advanced degree from Georgia State University, I agree that the Library of the University shall make it available for inspection and circulation in accordance with its regulations governing materials of this type. I agree that(More)
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