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BACKGROUND Fuchs's corneal dystrophy (FCD) is a leading cause of corneal transplantation and affects 5% of persons in the United States who are over the age of 40 years. Clinically visible deposits called guttae develop under the corneal endothelium in patients with FCD. A loss of endothelial cells and deposition of an abnormal extracellular matrix are(More)
OBJECTIVE The authors' goal was to compare the size and linear density of Purkinje cells in the cerebellar vermis of subjects with and without schizophrenia. METHOD Blocks of alcohol-fixed cerebellar vermis were dissected at autopsy from the brains of 14 elderly patients with schizophrenia and 13 elderly subjects with no history of neuropsychiatric(More)
Here, we describe the embryonic central nervous system expression of 5,000 GAL4 lines made using molecularly defined cis-regulatory DNA inserted into a single attP genomic location. We document and annotate the patterns in early embryos when neurogenesis is at its peak, and in older embryos where there is maximal neuronal diversity and the first neural(More)
The Hunchback/Ikaros family of zinc-finger transcription factors is essential for specifying the anterior/posterior body axis in insects, the fate of early-born pioneer neurons in Drosophila, and for retinal and immune development in mammals. Hunchback/Ikaros proteins can directly activate or repress target gene transcription during early insect(More)
BACKGROUND While it is accepted that a majority of invasive breast cancer progresses from a ductal carcinoma in situ (DCIS) precursor stage, very little is known about the factors that promote survival of DCIS neoplastic cells within the hypoxic, nutrient deprived intraductal microenvironment. METHODOLOGY AND PRINCIPAL FINDINGS We examined the hypothesis(More)
—Existing surveys in visual analytics focus on the importance of the topic. However, many do not discuss the increasingly critical area of mixed-initiative systems. In this survey we discuss the importance of research in mixed-initiative systems and how it is different from visual analytics and other research fields. We present the conceptual architecture(More)
INTRODUCTION To compare outcomes from early post-pyloric to gastric feeding in ventilated, critically ill patients in a medical intensive care unit (ICU). METHODS Prospective randomized study. Ventilated patients were randomly assigned to receive enteral feed via a nasogastric or a post-pyloric tube. Post-pyloric tubes were inserted by the bedside nurse(More)
Most previous studies of chromosomal mosaicism in IVF embryos were performed by fluorescence in situ hybridization (FISH) methods. While there are reports implicating chromosome aneuploidy in implantation failure following transfer and pregnancy loss by spontaneous miscarriage, the significance of mosaicism for the developmental potential of growing embryos(More)
Altered glucocorticoid sensitivity is believed to contribute to a number of human diseases, including inflammatory and autoimmune conditions as well as disorders characterized by abnormal hypothalamic-pituitary-adrenal axis (HPA) function. LUMAN (or CREB3), originally identified through its interaction with a cell cycle regulator HCFC1, is an endoplasmic(More)
We examine the use of traffic information with other knowledge sources to automatically generate natural language tweets similar to those created by humans. We consider how different forms of information can be combined to provide tweets customized to a particular location and/or specific user. Our approach is based on data-driven natural language(More)