Khoa Dang Truong

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OBJECTIVES To better understand health disparities, we compared US weight gain trends across sociodemographic groups between 1986 and 2002. METHODS We analyzed mean and 80th-percentile body mass index (BMI), calculated from self-reported weight and height, for subpopulations defined by education, relative income, race/ethnicity, and gender. Data were from(More)
BACKGROUND The relationship between neighborhood characteristics and resident mental health has been widely investigated in individual studies in recent years, but this literature is not adequately reviewed. AIMS OF THE STUDY To systematically review relevant individual research of the relation between neighborhoods and adult mental health by identifying(More)
OBJECTIVES We investigated sociodemographic disparities in alcohol environments and their relationship with adolescent drinking. METHODS We geocoded and mapped alcohol license data with ArcMap to construct circular buffers centered at 14 595 households with children that participated in the California Health Interview Survey. We calculated commercial(More)
OBJECTIVE The purpose of the study was to examine the relationship between alcohol environments and problem drinking, including excessive alcohol consumption, heavy episodic drinking, driving after drinking, and riding with a drinking driver. METHOD We merged geo-coded individual-level data from the California Health Interview Survey and Los Angeles(More)
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