Khisbullah Hudha

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This paper presents a 9-degree of freedom (DOF) vehicle model combined with a closed loop driver model for the purpose of developing vehicle lateral control. The driver model was developed to control the steering angle and uses the lookup table path as a reference for the control input. The proposed outer-loop controller structure for the driver model is a(More)
Effect of firing force from the gun turret causes external disturbance to an armored vehicle. This disturbance has effected the dynamic performance of the armored vehicle while firing in a moving situation. Therefore, an active safety system is required in order to minimize the effect of firing disturbance to improve the dynamic performance and directional(More)
This chapter presents a successful implementation of PID controller for a pneumatically actuated active roll control suspension system in both simulation and experimental studies. For the simulation model, a full vehicle model which consists of ride, handling and tire subsystems to study vehicle dynamics behavior in lateral direction is derived. The full(More)
In railway vehicle technology, there are continuously increasing requirements regarding riding comfort, running safety, and speed of railway vehicles. These requirements are opposed by the fact that the condition of the tracks is getting worse and maintenance is becoming expensive. In view of this conflict, conventional suspension concepts are quickly at(More)
The objective of this paper is to study the performance of a sixth order polynomial approach to model hysteresis behaviour of a magnetorheological (MR) damper under harmonic excitations. The polynomial model is developed based on curve fitting from the experimental results and consists of a pair subsystem namely positive and negative acceleration which(More)
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