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Non-extreme black hole solutions of four dimensional, N = 2 supergravity theories with Calabi-Yau prepotentials are presented, which generalize certain known double-extreme and extreme solutions. The boost parameters characterizing the nonextreme solutions must satisfy certain constraints, which effectively limit the functional independence of the moduli(More)
The 256 dimensional M2-brane multiplet contains solitons of many different intrinsic spins. Using the broken supersymmetry transformations of the M2-brane, we find super-gravity solutions which explicitly display these spins. This amounts to quantizing the fermionic zero modes and computing the back reaction on the metric and gauge potential. These(More)
A general condition for the existence of fermion zero modes is derived for the M-5-brane, the M-2-brane and the D = 4, N = 2 Majumdar-Papapetrou 0-brane. The fermion zero modes of these p-branes do not exist if the supersymmetry spinor generator goes to a constant at the horizon and they exist only if it vanishes there. In particular it is shown that the(More)
This paper describes two novel facial expression recognition methods which are robust for head rotation within a certain angle range between-30 degrees and +30 degrees. We had proposed Eigenspace Method based on Class features of object (EMC) and Multiple Discriminant Analysis (MDA) for facial expression recognition. Our new methods, pEMC (parametric(More)
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