Khin Mi Mi Aung

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In this paper, we propose a power-efficient solution for virtual machine placement and migration in a fat tree data center network. This solution reduces power consumption as well as job delay by aggregating virtual machines to a few hyper visors and migrating communicating parties to close locations. In this work, we consider OpenFlow as the implementation(More)
The use of Software-Defined Networking (SDN) with OpenFlow-enabled switches in Data Centers has received much attention from researchers and industries. One of the major issues in OpenFlow switch is the limited size of the flow table resulting in evictions of flows from the flow table. From Data Center traffic characteristics, we observe that elephant flows(More)
Due to consistent improvements in memory and processor technology, object storage devices (OSDs) have greater memory space and more powerful processing power, which allow the OSDs to execute user-defined programs. Shifting part of an application’s processing to the disk drives drops the amount of data transferred across the network and explores the(More)
Recently, the requirement of shortened design cycles has led to rapid development of High Level Synthesis (HLS) tools that convert system level descriptions in a high level language into efficient hardware designs. Due to the high level of abstraction, HLS tools can easily provide multiple hardware designs from the same behavioral description. Therefore,(More)
While traditional security mechanisms rely on preventive controls and those are very limited in surviving malicious attacks, we propose a novel approach of the security issue to cluster recovery. In this paper, we present the cluster recovery model with a software rejuvenation methodology, which is applicable in security field. We propose two formal(More)
Data Center Networks need densely interconnected topologies to provide high bandwidth for various cloud computing services. It is required to fully utilize the bandwidth resource in such a network with varying traffic patterns. We propose a flow-based edge-to-edge rerouting scheme for the Data Center Networks which has the mix of large flows and short(More)
This paper proposes an enhanced privacypreserving data aggregation scheme, which balances the onerous task of extracting reasonable data value and preserving data privacy even with incomplete or malicious data presentence. We propose an innovative encryption algorithm to preserve data privacy while it can provide secure data comparison between the encrypted(More)
The advancement in process technology has enabled integration of different types of processing cores into a single chip towards creating heterogeneous Multiprocessor Systems-on-Chip (MPSoCs). While providing high level of computation power to support complex applications, these modern systems also introduce novel challenges for system designers, like(More)