Khin Haymar Saw Hla

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Recent advances in nano technology lead to nanorobots, which are effectively used as nanomedicine. Future medical nanotechnology has been imagined to employ nanorobots injected into the human body to perform treatment on a cellular level. Every nanorobot placed inside the human body will encounter immune system as obstacles during flowing within a human(More)
Nowadays, the demand of conceptual document clustering is becoming increase to manage various types of vast amount of information published on the World Wide Web. In this paper, we use Formal Concept Analysis (FCA) method for clustering documents according to their formal contexts. Concept hierarchy of documents is built using the formal concepts of the(More)
In today's fast-growing information age, currently available methods for finding and using information on the Web are often insufficient. Today's retrieval methods are typically limited to keywords searches or sub-string matches, therefore, users may often miss critical information when searching the Web. After reviewing the real world semantic Web,(More)
The Web is rich with information. However, the data contained in the web is not well organized which makes obtaining useful information from the Web a difficult task. The successful development of extensible Markup Language (XML) as a standard to represent semi structured data makes the data contained in the Web more readable and the task of mining useful(More)
This study presents a self organized control of nano sensor's mobility based on the particle swarm optimization (PSO) algorithm. PSO models the set of potential problem solutions as a swarm of particles moving about in a virtual search space by adapting self organizing concept. The study is based on the premise that the deployment of nanosensors and used(More)
With the exponentially growing amount of information available on the Internet, an effective technique for users to discern the useful information from the unnecessary information is urgently required. Cleaning web pages for web data extraction becomes critical for improving performance of information retrieval and information extraction. So, we investigate(More)
To discover information needs among information resulting from an information retrieval (IR) system by a user, it is needed to be managed them in some effective ways. Document clustering is a common and useful technique for Web information retrieval. In this paper, we use formal concept analysis (FCA) method for reorganizing documents resulting from an IR(More)
This study proposes a mobility enhancement in nanorobots by using the particle swarm optimization (PSO) algorithm. The study is based on the premise that the deployment of nanorobots and used for investigating within human body. The spatially distributed nanorobots collect information about the target environment by moving throughout the body. Such(More)
In software development process, many engineering disciplines rely on engineering failure data to improve their designs. We expect that security analysts can use this approach to document and identify commonly occurring attack patterns and that the information system designer and analysts can use these patterns to develop more survivable information(More)