Khin Haymar Saw Hla

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Nowadays, the demand of conceptual document clustering is becoming increase to manage various types of vast amount of information published on the World Wide Web. In this paper, we use Formal Concept Analysis (FCA) method for clustering documents according to their formal contexts. Concept hierarchy of documents is built using the formal concepts of the(More)
Single chicken thymic nurse cells (TNC) placed onto the chorionallantoic membrane (CAM), showed that intra-TNC lymphocytes (TNC-L) possess a strong graft-versus-host reactivity (GVHR) in allogeneic MHC combinations. This reaction shows the morphological, phenotypic, and functional characteristics of a classical GVH reaction (GVHR). The induction of a GVHR(More)
Almost all current database systems offer tools to export or view its content as XML which is also accepted as the emerging standard for promoting data interoperability over the web. However, XML focuses only on the syntax of data instead of the semantic and at the same time users get full freedom to model XML sources according to their local requirements.(More)
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