Kheyali Mitra

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Edge detection is a problem of fundamental importance in image analysis. Many approaches for edge detection have already revealed more are waiting to be. But edge detection using K-means algorithm is the most heuristic and unique approach. In this paper, we have proposed an algorithmic technique to detect the edge of any kind of true gray scale images(More)
Mobile Phone based Information Management in Wireless Sensor Network is a heuristic approach where mobile phone will be the main access point of information in Wireless Sensor Network. The system will be as simple as possible providing all the facilities those are available in internet while managing information regarding this. A wireless mesh network(More)
In modern era the real time edge detection of moving elements in image sequences is the most important step in many image & video acquisition systems including automated visual surveillance. In this paper, we present an advanced framework for detecting some very important issues, like people identification and people flow count in restricted(More)
In this paper, we have provided a heuristic approach for the refinements of corpus based on regular expressions and its possible applications in the field of Opinion Mining. The proposed work is based on a corpus of reviews. The crude corpus is the raw html files containing reviews. This html file is refined further for the ease of our work so that we can(More)
This paper is meant for an easy approach for XML ifying of crude corpus in the field of Opinion Mining. The XMLification is done based on regular expressions. Corpus is the plural form of ‘corpora’. It is nothing but the collection of linguistic data. In this proposed work, the corpus is reviews posted on web sites; more specifically some product reviews.(More)
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