Kheng Leng Gay

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In the face of globalization and rapidly shrinking product life cycle, manufacturing companies are trying different means to improve productivity through management of machine utilization and product cycle-time. Job shop scheduling is an important task for manufacturing industry in terms of improving machine utilization and reducing cycle-time. However, job(More)
This paper presents a simulation based approach to improve on the mean cycle time performance of dispatching rules. The method applies recursive simulation technique on dispatching rules to search for new improved solutions for a set of job shop problems. Due to the nature of the recursive heuristic, performance criteria other than mean cycle time and(More)
This paper describes a population-based approach that uses a honey bees foraging model to solve job shop scheduling problems. The algorithm applies an efficient neighborhood structure to search for feasible solutions and iteratively improve on prior solutions. The initial solutions are generated using a set of priority dispatching rules. Experimental(More)
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