Khemal Bencheikh

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We show that coherent population oscillations effect allows us to burn a narrow spectral hole (26 Hz) within the homogeneous absorption line of the optical transition of an erbium ion-doped crystal. The large dispersion of the index of refraction associated with this hole permits us to achieve a group velocity as low as 2.7 m/s with a transmission of 40%.(More)
We demonstrate a cw doubly resonant optical parametric oscillator that is frequency doubled in an external resonant cavity to the visible spectral range. We obtained single-frequency radiation in the range 565-590 nm with as much as 3.8 mW of power, which is continuously tunable over an 18-GHz range and step tunable over 160 GHz. The source is well suited(More)
We show that the quality factor Q of a nanocavity is enhanced when containing a dispersive slow-light medium. The strong dispersion is achieved using the Coherent Population Oscillation (CPO) effect in the quantum wells of a 2-dimensionnal photonic crystal nanocavity. Starting with a nanocavity having a Q-factor of 6300, we end up with a Q-factor of 410000.(More)
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