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Study of size and mass distribution of particulate matter due to crop residue burning with seasonal variation in rural area of Punjab, India.
Overall results show that the concentration levels of different size particulates matter are greatly affected by agricultural crop residue burning but the total distribution of the particulate matter remains almost constant. Expand
Dicarboxylic acids and water‐soluble organic carbon in aerosols in New Delhi, India, in winter: Characteristics and formation processes
[1] Day- and nighttime aerosol samples were collected at an urban site in New Delhi, India, in winter 2006–2007. They were studied for low molecular weight dicarboxylic acids and related compounds,Expand
Comparison of abundances, compositions and sources of elements, inorganic ions and organic compounds in atmospheric aerosols from Xi'an and New Delhi, two megacities in China and India.
Wintertime TSP samples collected in the two megacities of Xi'an, China and New Delhi, India were analyzed for elements, inorganic ions, carbonaceous species and organic compounds to investigate theExpand
A study for development of emission factors for trace gases and carbonaceous particulate species from in situ burning of wheat straw in agricultural fields in india
Abstract Major crops subject to field burning of crop residue (FBCR) generated an estimated 284 Tg of residue in India, of which 40% was contributed by wheat in the year 2000. About 7.5% of thisExpand
Study of temporal variation in ambient air quality during Diwali festival in India
The results indicate that fireworks during the Diwali festival affected the ambient air quality adversely due to emission and accumulation of TSP, PM10, SO2, and NO2. Expand
Mass-size distribution of PM10 and its characterization of ionic species in fine (PM2.5) and coarse (PM10−2.5) mode, New Delhi, India
Size distribution of PM10 mass aerosols and its ionic characteristics were studied for 2 years from January 2006 to December 2007 at central Delhi by employing an 8-stage Andersen Cascade ImpactorExpand
Determination of arsenic and mercury metals in suspended particulate matter by flame/flameless atomic absorption spectrometer
Abstract A method has been developed for the accurate determination of arsenic and mercury deposited on suspended particulate matter (SPM) collected by high volume sampler (HVS) from variousExpand
Assessment of Methane and Nitrous Oxide Emissions from Livestock in
Methane emission contribution from Indian livestock is the highest (>70%) as compared to various other subsectors from agriculture sector viz. rice cultivation and open burning of crop residue.Expand
Traceability Issue in PM2.5 and PM10 Measurements
Nowadays particle size and mass concentration measurements are the important parameter of the ambient air quality standards of several countries. The regulatory limits of mass concentration ofExpand