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Breast cancer is the most common cancer with high morbidity and mortality among women worldwide. Aberrant hypermethylation in promoter regions of the tumor suppressor genes such as PTEN gene is a key event in the progression and development of breast cancer. The aim of the present study was to evaluate an association between PTEN gene methylation status(More)
RAPD (random amplification of polymorphic DNA) was used to distinguish the genetic diversities between two genera of Chrysopa and Chrysoperla (Neuroptera, Chrysopidae). Sixty specimens were collected in different places in Kermanshah, west of Iran. The wing venation was used for identification of each type of two genera, and the gender was determined by(More)
Inhibition of angiogenesis has become a particular interest for treatment of solid tumors. Endostatin, a C-terminal fragment of collagen XVIII, has been reported to exhibit potent inhibitory effect on endothelial cells proliferation, migration and tube formation. In this research, the cDNA library of endostatin was synthesized from mouse liver and inserted(More)
Cumin (Cuminum cyminum L.), Fennel (Foeniculum vulgare L.) and Longleaf (Falcaria vulgaris Bernh) that all belong to Apiaceae family as medicinal plants are very important in many countries. Study of genetic diversity for medicinal plant is important for researches in future. One of the methods to evaluate plant genetic diversity and classification of them(More)
Advances in cell-replacement strategies for diabetes have focused on renewable sources of glucose-responsive, insulin-producing cells (IPCs). One of the most proper alternatives is multipotent skin-derived precursors cells (SKPs), which can be differentiated into IPCs. In this study, we reported the isolation and expansion of human skin-derived precursors(More)
In entomology, improvement of molecular methods would be beneficial tools for accurate identification and detecting the genetic diversity of insect species to discover a corroborative evidence for the traditional classification based on morphology. The aim of this study was focused on RAPD-PCR method for distinguishing the genetic diversity between eight(More)
The genetic diversity of three Iranian honey bee populations (Apis mellifera meda) was studied using morphological and microsatellite loci in south Iran. For this purpose ten morphological characters and five microsatellite loci were studied. Morphometric analysis resulted in a distinct classification of three investigated populations but showed low(More)
Antlions are insects which feed on ants, insect which dig a pit and lies in wait for ants and other insects. Twelve species of Myrmeleontidae family as antlions and many specimens were identified in different locations in Fars province in Iran. To unveil the genetic similarity between these species, their DNA was extracted by modified CTAB method and with(More)
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