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INTRODUCTION Complications of oesophagectomy and gastric tube reconstruction include leakage and stenosis, which may be due to compromised microvascular blood flow (MBF) in gastric tissue. We recently demonstrated that decreased MBF could be improved perioperatively by topical administration of nitroglycerin. The aim of the present study was to investigate(More)
OBJECTIVE Discussing prognosis is often confronting and complex for cancer patients. This study investigates how patients' psychological characteristics relate to their preferences concerning the disclosure of prognosis. METHODS One hundred and seventy-six esophageal cancer patients participated in the study. They had undergone esophagectomy within the(More)
Between January 2004 and February 2006, 109 patients after intentionally curative surgery for oesophageal or gastric cardia cancer were randomised to standard follow-up of surgeons at the outpatient clinic (standard follow-up; n=55) or by regular home visits of a specialist nurse (nurse-led follow-up; n=54). Longitudinal data on generic (EuroQuol-5D,(More)
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