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Phytochemical investigations of ethyl acetate-soluble part of the aerial part of Hypericum scabrum L. delivered eight pure phenolic compounds 1-8. The pure compounds were identified through physico-chemical, NMR (1D, 2D) and mass spectrometric studies as: 3-8''-bisapigenin (1), quercetin (2), quercetin-3-O-α-l-arabinofuranoside (3),(More)
Series of diethyl 2,5-diaminothiophene-3,4-dicarboxylate (DDTD) derivatives: azomethines of DDTD (2a-l) have been synthesized and screened for their anticancer, antimicrobial and anti-diabetic activities. The novel synthesized compounds were characterized by (1)H, (13)C NMR, MS and FT-IR analyses. All compounds were evaluated for their antiproliferative(More)
INTRODUCTION The genus Leonurus L. (fam: Lamiaceae) is represented in Uzbekistan by two species, L. panzerioides Popov. and L. turkestanicus V. I. Krecz. & Kuprian, which are used to treat nervous disorders and also as sedative and hypotensive agents. OBJECTIVES To establish the taxonomic status of Leonurus panzerioides and L. turkestanicus based on their(More)
The root of Geranium collinum Steph is known in Tajik traditional medicine for its hepatoprotective, antioxidant, and anti-inflammatory therapeutic effects. The present study was conducted to evaluate of potential antidiabetic, antioxidant activities, total polyphenolic and flavonoid content from the different extracts (aqueous, aqueous-ethanolic) and(More)
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