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Compartment syndrome is characterised by an increase in the interstitial pressure within a closed osseofascial compartment. This may be due to a decrease in compartment volume, an increase in compartment content or external pressures. We report 4 patients who required surgical decompression for gluteal compartment syndrome that developed after joint(More)
Efficacies of albendazole and fenbendazole in suppressing Giardia cyst output of infected calves were evaluated in two clinical trials. In the first trial, 18 naturally infected calves were allocated to an untreated control group (n = 9) and an albendazole-treated group (n = 9). Calves in the treated group were given 20 mg/kg-1 oral albendazole once daily(More)
Renal infarction is an underdiagnosed and under-reported phenomenon, and needs to be diagnosed rapidly to prevent permanent loss of renal function. Renal infarction should be considered in the initial differential diagnosis of nephrolithiasis and pyelonephritis. It is often mistaken for more benign pathology and is worthwhile reviewing and reporting.
Renovascular hypertension occasionally manifests as an electrolyte disorder. The combination of hyponatremia and renovascular hypertension is known as hyponatremic-hypertensive syndrome. This syndrome was initially reported in children. Here, we describe a 45 year-old Saudi man who was admitted to the hospital with generalized body weakness and inability to(More)
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