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  • Khawar Rehman, Faiza Nawaz
  • 2017 International Conference on Communication…
  • 2017
Identification and localization of anomalies in pipeline structure is an essential requirement in many industries. There are numerous reasons that can lead to pipeline damage and impairment. In chemical and petroleum industry this damage is directly connected to the safety of assets as well as humans. Hence, continuous monitoring and timely response is(More)
A combination of a deterministic approach and fragility analysis is applied to assess tsunami damage caused to buildings. The area selected to validate the model is Imwon Port in Korea. The deterministic approach includes numerical modeling of tsunami propagation in the East Sea following an earthquake on the western coast of Japan. The model is based on(More)
Abstract: This paper proposes a sediment-transport model based on coupled Saint-Venant and Exner equations. A finite volume method of Godunov type with predictor-corrector steps is used to solve a set of coupled equations. An efficient combination of approximate Riemann solvers is proposed to compute fluxes associated with sediment-laden flow. In addition,(More)
This paper proposes a robust method for modeling shallow-water flows and near shore tsunami propagation, applicable for both simple and complex geometries with uneven beds. The novel aspect of the model includes the introduction of a new method for slope source terms treatment to preserve quiescent equilibrium over uneven topographies, applicable to both(More)
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