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Grover has published extensively in the IS field, with over 150 publications in refereed journals. Four recent articles have ranked him first, second, and third in research productivity among over 4,000 researchers in the top six IS journals over the past decade. His current areas of interest are creating IS value in organizations and business process(More)
Manufacturing firms are increasingly seeking cost and other competitive advantages by tightly coupling and managing their relationship with suppliers. Among other mechanisms , interorganizational systems (IOS) that facilitate boundary-spanning activities of a firm enable them to effectively manage different types of buyer–supplier relationships. This study(More)
With the luxury of 20–20 hindsight, it has become increasingly clear that the Midas touch exhibited by virtual entities was reflective of an irrational exuberance. It was only a few years ago that the dot coms were extolled while the brick and mortars saddled with " burdensome " physical assets, and were ridiculed for being late in the e-commerce game. The(More)
Some firms have gained significant benefits by effectively deploying interorganizational systems (IOS) to tightly couple operations with their supply chain partners. In contrast, other firms with IOS deployments have struggled to achieve this level of success. So it is not clear how such systems can be configured to promote idiosyncratic(More)
The recent failure of a large number of e-tail companies epitomizes the challenges of operating through virtual channels and underscores the need to better understand key drivers of online consumer behavior. The objective of this study is to provide a comprehensive review of the extant information systems (IS) literature related to online consumer behavior(More)
Grover has published extensively in the information systems field, with three books and over 150 publications in refereed journals. His current research focuses on the impact and effectiveness of IS at the organizational and market level. A number of recent articles have ranked him among the top five researchers based on publications in top IS journals over(More)