Khashayar Khosravi

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Recurrent neural networks have been very successful at predicting sequences of words in tasks such as language modeling. However, all such models are based on the conventional classification framework, where model is trained against one-hot targets, and each word is represented both as an input and as an output in isolation. This causes inefficiencies in(More)
We provide a unifying view of statistical information measures, multi-class classification problems, multi-way Bayesian hypothesis testing, and loss functions, elaborating equivalence results between all of these objects. In particular, we consider a particular generalization of f-divergences to multiple distributions, and we show that there is a(More)
A Quality Model considering Program Architecture présenté par : Khashayar Khosravi a ´ etéévalué par le jury composé de : Esma A¨ımeur président–rapporteur Yann-Gaël Guéhéneuc directeur de recherche Houari Sahraoui membre du jury Mémoire accepté le To my Mom and Dad And also To my Sister and my Brother With all my love. And may we be among those who make(More)
The contextual bandit literature has traditionally focused on algorithms that address the exploration-exploitation trade-off. In particular, greedy policies that exploit current estimates without any exploration may be sub-optimal in general. However, exploration-free greedy policies are desirable in many practical settings where exploration may be(More)
— Facial Keypoint Detection is one of the most challenging and important topics, which is taken into account in realm of Machine Learning and Computer Vision. The importance originates in its applications, the most three important of which are: 1-Face recognition, which is of high importance in identification as an example. 2-Medical purposes and Biomedical(More)