Khashayar Khavari

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— With the increasing number of wireless devices, the importance of mobility management in future mobile networks is growing. Traditional mobility management approaches are based on client/server paradigms, and suffer from their well-known shortcomings (single point of failure, congestion, bottlenecks). With the success of P2P for file sharing applications,(More)
The convergence hypothesis predicts that women's drinking levels are increasing and are approaching those observed in men. To test this hypothesis, drinking practices of women and men were assessed at a large urban university at two points in time, 1977 (n = 1711) and 1985 (n = 1045). Although women's ethanol intake remained the same, significant changes in(More)
A drug use index (DUI) is constructed from actual usage data of 1,121 respondents (517 males and 604 females). It is proposed that this index represents a quantitative measure of the degree of involvement in polydrug use. Correlations between the DUI and use of 19 drugs or drug classes are reported. Furthermore, some applications of the DUI are demonstrated(More)
  • K A Khavari
  • 1993
The use of alcohol and drugs by 1,711 college students was surveyed anonymously, with a special interest in determining the sources of influence that led them to the initial use of different substances. Depending on the chemical, friends, parents, the person himself or herself, and doctors were named as the initial introducers. Drug dealers, by contrast,(More)