Kharsim Yousef

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As sensor network technologies become more mature, they are increasingly being applied to a wide variety of applications, ranging from agricultural sensing to cattle, oceanic and volcanic monitoring. Significant efforts have been made in deploying and testing sensor networks resulting in unprecedented sensing capabilities. A key challenge has become how to(More)
The increasing adoption of wireless sensor network technology in a variety of applications, from agricultural to volcanic monitoring, has demonstrated their ability to gather data with unprecedented sensing capabilities and deliver it to a remote user. However, a key issue remains how to maintain these sensor network deployments over increasingly prolonged(More)
We present an end to end system 'Sunrise' to assist users in using location based data to tag, cluster, and find digital photos. We suggest that location tagging of photos is a common desire of users but existing manual solutions are too time consuming and complex. Our 3-tier system offers a solution that integrates automated location tagging with existing(More)
John Collomosse, Tim Jay, Kharsim Yousef, Martin Rieser, and Simon Jones T his article reports a user-experience study in which a group of 18 older adults used a location-based mobile multimedia service in the setting of a rural nature reserve. The prototype system offered a variety of means of obtaining rich multimedia content from oak waymarker posts(More)
MCEs (Mobile Collaborative Environments) are systems designed to allow users to collaborate any time and anywhere using wireless networks and mobile devices. In this paper we report on our findings from the development and testing of a fully functional MCE photo-conferencing service that enables seamless synchronous collaboration between remote mobile users(More)
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