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Discovery of 2-chloro-N-(4-methoxyphenyl)-N-methylquinazolin-4-amine (EP128265, MPI-0441138) as a potent inducer of apoptosis with high in vivo activity.
Using a live cell, high-throughput caspase-3 activator assay, we have identified a novel series of 4-anilinoquinazolines as inducers of apoptosis. In this report, we discuss the discovery ofExpand
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Rethinking resettlement and family reunion in Australia
Family reunion remains a significant issue for refugee communities in Australia. Family separation causes significant psychological, social and economic harm to displaced communities. Instead ofExpand
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Managing crime through migration law in Australia and the United States: a comparative analysis
This article examines the intertwining of migration law and criminal law — termed ‘crimmigration’ by scholars — in Australia and the United States of America, and its implications for non-citizensExpand
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Learning and recommending treatments using electronic medical records
This research proposes three methods, one for learning and two for recommending treatments, to overcome the above drawbacks. Expand
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Piles a haute charge
La presente invention concerne des piles (650) a haute charge ameliorees a base d'oxyde d'argent et de vanadium qui assurent un fonctionnement pulse ameliore. De maniere plus specifique, ces pilesExpand
Aiding innovation and entrepreneurship through migration policy: A view from Australia
In recent years, there has been significant interest internationally in the role that migration law and policies may play in aiding innovation, entrepreneurship and economic growth. SeveralExpand