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Stroke increases neurogenesis. The authors investigated whether neural stem cells or progenitor cells in the adult subventricular zone (SVZ) of rats contribute to stroke-induced increase in neurogenesis. After induction of stroke in rats, the numbers of cells immunoreactive to doublecortin, a marker for immature neurons, increased in the ipsilateral SVZ and(More)
We intracisternally transplanted subventricular zone (SVZ) cells labeled by ferromagnetic particles into stroked rats. Migration of transplanted cells was non-invasively tracked using magnetic resonance imaging (MRI). We found that transplanted cells selectively migrated towards the ischemic parenchyma at a mean speed of 65 +/- 14.6 microm/hr in living(More)
To examine whether local immunization in the absence of secondary lymphoid organs (SLOs) could establish effective antiviral memory responses in the female genital tract, we examined immunity in the vaginal tracts of LTα-/- mice, LTα-/- SPL (splenectomized), and control C57BL/6 (WT) mice. All three groups of mice were immunized intravaginally (IVAG) with(More)
In response to a lymphokine (LK) produced by activated T cells, macrophages can be induced to express Ia in vitro. This appears to be a complex process comprised of a number of discernible events. Peritoneal macrophages elicited by different means, and unstimulated macrophage and monocyte populations, each had a distinct kinetic profile of Ia induction.(More)
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