Khanderao R Paithankar

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The use of polyethylene glycol (PEG) for precipitation of DNA has been described in the literature (1-6) . We present here conditions for precipitation of DNA by PEG that give improved recoveries of DNA so that precipitation by PEG is comparable to that by ethanol, in terms of recovery, over a wide range of DNA concentrations. The problem of precipitation(More)
DNA-binding proteins play pivotal roles in transcription, DNA-replication, recombination/repair and determine cell-fate in all physiological conditions of differentiation, development and disease. As they are present in extremely small amounts in cells, their isolation/identification, particularly from scarce tissues is impracticable. We cloned the cDNA(More)
Mitochondrial functions play a central role in energy metabolism and provide survival fitness to both normal and tumor cells. Mitochondrial chaperonin Hsp60 is involved in both pro- and anti-apoptotic functions, but how Hsp60 senses the mitochondria selective oxidative stress response is unknown. In this study, by using rotenone, an irreversible inhibitor(More)
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