Khan Muhammad

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Image Steganography is a thriving research area of information security where secret data is embedded in images to hide its existence while getting the minimum possible statistical detectability. This paper proposes a novel magic least significant bit substitution method (M-LSB-SM) for RGB images. The proposed method is based on the achromatic component(More)
There are five different types of steganography based on the carrier object that is used for embedding the secret information. The carrier object may be images, text, videos, audios or network protocol packets. If the image is used as a carrier, it is called image steganography. Similarly if video is used for hiding secret messages, we call it video(More)
Image Steganography is the process of embedding text in images such that its existence cannot be detected by Human Visual System (HVS) and is known only to sender and receiver. This paper presents a novel approach for image steganography using Hue-Saturation-Intensity (HSI) color space based on Least Significant Bit (LSB). The proposed method transforms the(More)
Image classification is an enthusiastic research field where large amount of image data is classified into various classes based on their visual contents. Researchers have presented various low-level features-based techniques for classifying images into different categories. However, efficient and effective classification and retrieval is still a(More)
In this paper, the problem of secure transmission of sensitive contents over the public network Internet is addressed by proposing a novel data hiding method in encrypted images with dual-level security. The secret information is divided into three blocks using a specific pattern, followed by an encryption mechanism based on the three-level encryption(More)
Information security is one of the most challenging problems in today's technological world. In order to secure the transmission of secret data over the public network (Internet), various schemes have been presented over the last decade. Steganography combined with cryptography, can be one of the best choices for solving this problem. This paper proposes a(More)
1. INTRODUCTION Steganography is the art and science of covert communication where secret data is hidden in innocent carriers, making it undetectable by human visual system (HVS). To increase the security of steganography, the secret information is encrypted using a cryptographic algorithm before message concealment. Steganography can be used for a number(More)
Information hiding is an active area of research where secret information is embedded in innocent-looking carriers such as images and videos for hiding its existence while maintaining their visual quality. Researchers have presented various image steganographic techniques since the last decade, focusing on payload and image quality. However, there is a(More)
In this paper, the problem of outsourcing the selective encryption of a medical image to cloud by resource-constrained devices such as smart phone is addressed, without revealing the cover image to cloud using steganography. In the proposed framework, the region of interest of the medical image is first detected using a visual saliency model. The detected(More)