Khambhampaty Sridevi

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Rho GTPases are key regulators of the actin-based cytoskeleton; Rab GTPases are key regulators of membrane traffic. We report here that the atypical Rho GTPase family member, RhoBTB3, binds directly to Rab9 GTPase and functions with Rab9 in protein transport from endosomes to the trans Golgi network. Gene replacement experiments show that RhoBTB3 function(More)
  • J B Seventline, G V K Sharma, K Sridevi, D Elizabath, Rani K Raja Rajeswari
  • 2012
Pulse compression is a technique that plays an important role in various fields like radar, sonar and spread spectrum communication to achieve the high transmit energy of a long pulse while preserving the range resolution of a short pulse. In this paper a new method of design of mismatched filter to minimize the Peak sidelobe ratio (PSLR) in the pulse(More)
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