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The Politics of Higher Education in the Middle East: Problems and Prospects
The Arab world is experiencing a silent yet multidimensional revolution that needs to be closely assessed: a surge in higher education, along with its privatization and its internationalization.Expand
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Exposure to violence across the social ecosystem and the development of aggression: a test of ecological theory in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.
Bronfenbrenner's (1979) ecological model proposes that events in higher order social ecosystems should influence human development through their impact on events in lower order social ecosystems.Expand
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Sacred bounds on rational resolution of violent political conflict
We report a series of experiments carried out with Palestinian and Israeli participants showing that violent opposition to compromise over issues considered sacred is (i) increased by offeringExpand
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Exposure to Conflict and Violence Across Contexts: Relations to Adjustment Among Palestinian Children
Despite extensive literatures on the impact on children of exposure to violence in families, neighborhoods, and peer groups, there has been relatively little effort evaluating their cumulativeExpand
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Exposure to Political Conflict and Violence and Posttraumatic Stress in Middle East Youth: Protective Factors
We examine the role of family- and individual-level protective factors in the relation between exposure to ethnic-political conflict and violence and posttraumatic stress among Israeli andExpand
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Public Opinion in the Israeli-Palestinian Two-Level Game
The article focuses on public opinion as a policy-relevant imperative in negotiators’ two-level games, in the context of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. Specifically, it highlights twoExpand
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Cumulative Effects of Exposure to Violence on Posttraumatic Stress in Palestinian and Israeli Youth
We examine cumulative and prospective effects of exposure to conflict and violence across four contexts (ethnic-political, community, family, school) on posttraumatic stress (PTS) symptoms inExpand
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The Effects of Exposure to Violence on Aggressive Behavior: The Case of Arab and Jewish Children in Israel
The impact of exposure to violence in the context of families, neighborhoods, and peer groups on pre-adolescents and adolescents has been widely studied. However, very little is known on the effectExpand
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Growing Up Amid Ethno-Political Conflict: Aggression and Emotional Desensitization Promote Hostility to Ethnic Outgroups.
Ethno-political violence impacts thousands of youth and is associated with numerous negative outcomes. Yet little research examines adaptation to ethno-political violence over time or across multipleExpand
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Negative Stereotypes of Ethnic Out-groups: A Longitudinal Examination Among Palestinian, Israeli Jewish, and Israeli Arab Youth.
Ethno-political conflict impacts thousands of youth globally and has been associated with a number of negative psychological outcomes. Extant literature has mostly addressed the adverse emotional andExpand
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