Khalil E. Jasim

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We report on passive mode-locking of vertical cavity surface-emitting diode lasers at 980-nm wavelength, applied to different extended resonator configurations. Stable mode-locking producing pulses of approximately 50 ps in duration at up to 6-GHz repetition rate has been achieved. The use of external feedback results in pronounced harmonic pulse(More)
We have studied the performance of the recently demonstrated high-speed passively mode-locked 980-nm vertical cavity diode lasers (pulsewidth down to /spl tau//sub p//spl sim/15 ps, repetition rate up to 15 GHz) by investigating the dynamics of the saturable p-i-n multiple quantum well InGaAs absorber. The impact of the absorber on the noise characteristics(More)
Based on first-principles calculations, we first show that the electronic structure of an one-dimensional metal-porphyrin tape (MPPT) can be widely engineered from a semiconductor to a half-metal.[1] We also find that a double-stranded porphyrin ladder tape exhibits a giant Stark effect, drifting electrons and holes along different strands. [2] Second, we(More)
Keywords: Insulating films Dielectric phenomena Dielectric complex impedance Metal-substituted organic complexes Curcumin MIS device a b s t r a c t Metal-coordinated yellow curcumin was extracted from green natural sources and sublimated in vacuum to prepare thin films on p-Si and glass substrates for dielectric and optical investigations. The synthesised(More)
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